Absolution Comes in Dreams

This is an arrangement of Dreams of an Absolution from Sonic the Hedgehog 360! Finally got it on that damn site after a longass wait, but if you read the writeup there was a reason for them to wait until Tuesday.

Also, OCR now pots their stuff on Youtube. So! :)

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If anyone still pays attention to my stuff, sorry I've been elsewhere, I just haven't had to opportunity to make things for posting on NG.

Revenue Sharing.!?

2009-04-23 13:52:28 by CyriltheWolf

Well well well. It seems that doing stuff for NG may actually bring in the Dough.... if I'm lucky!

Not that it makes too much of a difference, I left and have recently come back in light of Beast Unleashed making front page

Anyway, that's not the reason I cam back, this may even be old news that I have ignored. But hey, if it is, then DAMN!

Alright, well I'll keep posting the news up here. Maybe I'll collect some cool tracks to put on up here and see if I can make some moolah, and of course with the extra incentive, you guys can hear sweet new tracks!

EDIT: It appears that TOM, while being the progenitor of this site, is NOT the person who selects audio front page. SO THANKS audio mods. I'll have more I promis. :D

Front... Page? IMPOSSIBLE!

2008-12-11 09:08:16 by CyriltheWolf

No seriously, how the hell did that happen? Geez... I'm like... freaked out and honored all at the same time. I don't know WHO picks out the front page things, but wow...

Then again, I was wondering why I had 5 new reviews. >_> Well, if its Tom the man himself then thank you. If its not, thank you NG for putting my thing up on the front page. Yea!


2008-01-16 18:12:42 by CyriltheWolf

I'm going to do commissions with a simple pricing ledger for now.

Half a minute - $20/$30
$40 - Rock/Metal
$50 - Anything else - that stuff takes more time.

Rock/Metal qualifies as anything that has an electric guitar, electric bass and often times a vocalist (though not required) and has drums. It can have acoustic guitar, especially for softer songs but it always has those elements. Other elements are added given the theme in which you ask.

Also, if you need something less than a 2 minutes it is $5 for every thirty seconds. For the other stuff that is not rock, it will be started from $30 at two minutes and then it will progress down from there.

I am well versed in a bunch of styles, and you can verify by checking my gallery. If you are not satisfied I will give you one re-do or rearrange for free.

You'll have to wait longer though. Keep in mind that I can only do so much at one time, so PM me, and I will give you an ETC (Estimated Time of completion) and you can decide whether you A) Abandon all hope or B) pay me more to get it done faster.

Thanks guys, and peace!

I am metal.

2008-01-15 18:09:17 by CyriltheWolf

Beast Unleashed! is as of today #1 of metal. :D Awesome!

Please check it out for yourself and review. I really enjoyed making it. If you ever wanna collab, just PM or IM me with the info you have on me!

Alright guys. All of my fans, friends, supporters. And even the guys who downright hated it!

Thank you all, man I didn't expect my little acoustic improv solo to make it to the AP top 5. Sure, it wasn't the best, but that's the point.

I'm super glad for that. I want you all to check my gallery because I'm gonna be posting yummy new shit soon. Don't go away! I've got ideas all the time, and I will win the internetz!

Thanks do much guys, soo much!

OOPS! It REALLY didn't last long!

2008-01-04 15:56:25 by CyriltheWolf

Well, that only lasted 12 hours. But it was a good 12 hours. :-> Thanks for the support. Maybe I'll get some real metal on the metal part sometime.

I am Metal Number 1!

2008-01-03 20:51:09 by CyriltheWolf

With an acoustic solo... wow. Cool! I feel great. It won't last long but woo!

I got a new toy!

2007-11-25 18:08:32 by CyriltheWolf

Stealth Plug. By IK Multimedia, powered by Stealth Plug. It came with a sampler and Amplitube 2. And if that wasn't enough, I got it during a promotional period and got a free mastering suite. So you know what? My music is gonna FARGIN' ROCK NOW!

Thank you.