2008-01-16 18:12:42 by CyriltheWolf

I'm going to do commissions with a simple pricing ledger for now.

Half a minute - $20/$30
$40 - Rock/Metal
$50 - Anything else - that stuff takes more time.

Rock/Metal qualifies as anything that has an electric guitar, electric bass and often times a vocalist (though not required) and has drums. It can have acoustic guitar, especially for softer songs but it always has those elements. Other elements are added given the theme in which you ask.

Also, if you need something less than a 2 minutes it is $5 for every thirty seconds. For the other stuff that is not rock, it will be started from $30 at two minutes and then it will progress down from there.

I am well versed in a bunch of styles, and you can verify by checking my gallery. If you are not satisfied I will give you one re-do or rearrange for free.

You'll have to wait longer though. Keep in mind that I can only do so much at one time, so PM me, and I will give you an ETC (Estimated Time of completion) and you can decide whether you A) Abandon all hope or B) pay me more to get it done faster.

Thanks guys, and peace!


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2008-02-10 11:44:20

Nice. Also you should make another lifevirus song but the regular one. Lifevirus 4ever! >3


2008-06-28 01:48:12

check out my reveiw on your beast song and try making your band into a carreer. i went to the recording studio and they told me and my band that we freaking rule and our rock brings them back to the time with guns and roses van halen the beatles and even when mettallica first started playing.but if i went on tours and became rich my greed would make me selfish and make forget about my wife freinds back home and my 6 year old daughter and and new born daughter. so make sure that you want to actually want to have a band or not. the reason why i say this is that i think you really have the potential to become famous with your incredible talents.


2008-08-10 16:41:26

Your audio's amazing.