Front... Page? IMPOSSIBLE!

2008-12-11 09:08:16 by CyriltheWolf

No seriously, how the hell did that happen? Geez... I'm like... freaked out and honored all at the same time. I don't know WHO picks out the front page things, but wow...

Then again, I was wondering why I had 5 new reviews. >_> Well, if its Tom the man himself then thank you. If its not, thank you NG for putting my thing up on the front page. Yea!


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2008-12-11 09:26:55

you get it automatically upon winning an award

thank the ng voters if anything


2008-12-11 09:28:26

correction: just because that's how I got mine doesn't mean its that case for everyone I guess

you have a fuckton of high scoring audio so some admin probabally took notice and gave it to you, I haved no idea

CyriltheWolf responds:

The only reason I have high scoring audio is because I have few votes on a lot of them... and a lot of friends. :D

Wow, do I really have a lot? lol I never thought I did.


2008-12-11 09:30:33

P-bot... works in mysterious ways.
Congrats. ;D

CyriltheWolf responds:

I suppose so. Oh well, no complaints from this camp.


2008-12-11 09:55:41

In "VERY" mysterious ways. lolololol. ;D

CyriltheWolf responds:

What did you do???? lol. ;)


2008-12-11 12:11:11

Yeah that must be awesome getting on the front page


CyriltheWolf responds:

I suppose it does! (goes to check his reviews) :D


2008-12-11 12:20:38

p-bot doesn't decide what goes on front page and not all movies and games get front page with awards

staff, mainly tom does it

CyriltheWolf responds:

GOod thing I thanked Tom.


2008-12-11 14:48:52

yeah basically if one of the higher-ups take notice and like something, on the front page it goes.


2008-12-11 19:42:31

Oh, sorry, I made a typo. I meant A-bot, not P-bot. Nah, there's nothing secretive about P-bot.
Isn't that right, darkside??? ;D ;D ;D ;D


2008-12-12 00:36:30


CyriltheWolf responds:

Indeed. Barbeque. :D