Top 5? Oh wow. I feel honored!

2008-01-09 16:17:32 by CyriltheWolf

Alright guys. All of my fans, friends, supporters. And even the guys who downright hated it!

Thank you all, man I didn't expect my little acoustic improv solo to make it to the AP top 5. Sure, it wasn't the best, but that's the point.

I'm super glad for that. I want you all to check my gallery because I'm gonna be posting yummy new shit soon. Don't go away! I've got ideas all the time, and I will win the internetz!

Thanks do much guys, soo much!


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2008-01-10 13:22:10



2008-01-10 13:45:09

nice FLCL pic anyway gratz on top 5

CyriltheWolf responds:

thanks twice!